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Primrose Studio, LLC

Ceramic Muffin Pan

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Welcome to baking with panache! Our Ceramic Muffin Pan is the perfect way to preheat your bakeware and make treats that are rustic and timeless - with a hint of classic elegance. Sure to charm your taste buds!

**P.S. Be sure to preheat your Ceramic Muffin Pan along with preheat time before use. Ceramic Muffin Pan will be extremely hot, so wear gloves and bake with caution!!**

-(1) Ceramic Muffin Tin

-Clay may vary

-Approx. 10"x10" (square), 3" height, Muffin Holes measuring approx. 3" wide

More Information
Pottery was sourced from a local artisanal potter. 

For more information, please refer to our Refund Policy and FAQ page for care instructions.

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