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Primrose Studio, LLC

Ceramic Dragonfly Leaf Cups (Set of 3)

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Welcome to the world of new beginnings with our Ceramic Dragonfly Cups (Set of 3). Feed your garden with a splash of personality with these nature-inspired ceramic cups, featuring dragonfly and leaf designs! Each set includes three playful sizes - perfect for sipping your favorite drinks or flying into action as a colorful pencil holder. C'mon, fly with us!

-(3) Ceramic Dragonfly Cups 

-Clay may vary

-Underglaze transfer with spring blue. Note, the bottom half is left unglazed where it is carved, so it will have a grittier feel. 

-Approx. 4", 3.5", and 3" heights 

More Information
Pottery was sourced from a local artisanal potter. 

For more information, please refer to our Refund Policy and FAQ page for care instructions.

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