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Primrose Studio, LLC

Two Tumblers w/Coaster + Two Planters (Custom Order for Ana)

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PhilDayFest Gift for Mosaic Management 

1. Two Tumblers with Coasters ($28 each / discount at $20 each)

2. Two Planters with Black Rocks - no plant ($22 each / discount at $15 each)

Gifts include:

-Blank thank you card for Mosaic management's (comes with my annual exclusive sticker for Year of the Dragon)

-Greeting card (inspired by the Philippine flag) 🇵🇭
-TukTuk sticker (Asian inspired of course 😛)

-Sunflower greeting card
-Sunflower mason jar sticker (keep with the floral themes)

-Floral Dragon notepad (year of the dragon)
-dragon stamp sticker (year of the dragon)

-Flower Frig cutie (holds flowers)
-Trinket Dish Cutie (holds rings, earrings, etc.)